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‘Golf Zero’ Releases on March 14th

If you’ve been waiting to get some golfing action with buzzsaws and slo-mo, mid-air shots in your life, then good news: you will not have to wait much longer. March 14th – next Tuesday – sees the release of Golf Zero for iOS. Developed by Colin Lane (Wrassling [appprice url="“]) and Brad Erkkila (It’s A Space Thing (Free)), this is golfing combined with trial platformers in a unique way.

Golf Zero should lead to some crazy moments, as you’re constantly trying to not only make it through hazards and enemies, but you’re also trying to line up that perfect shot at the right moment to get the ball in the hole. It’s such a clever idea, and there’s such potential even beyond what will be in Golf Zero at launch – imagine more Super Stickman Golf-esque levels, perhaps – that I’m interested to see how this game does and what perhaps there might be in store in the future.