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GDC 2017 – Games From the Defold Competition

Among the awesome things surrounding GDC was the Defold Competition where the powers that be behind the Defold engine flew people out who made amazing games using it. I actually helped judge the whole thing, and it was really cool meeting the people and seeing all the games created. Those include Enter the Infinity, a real cool space ship building idle game, Pet Petter, a clicker-like that was super cute, Smash Bash: Date With the Desert, an open-world shooter, Bring Me Cakes, a clever block sliding-like game, and last but not least, Hook Line and Thinker, a fishing puzzler. We got a quick pitch of all of them:

All the games are currently in the works, and should be released soon. I really couldn’t even tell you my favorite, as they were all really great.