The TouchArcade Show … Is Coming on Monday!

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Every year GDC gets busier for us, and this year was no exception. As of this writing we’ve uploaded seventy one videos of different new games we saw this week, and there’s even more games that we saw that devs didn’t want us to shoot video of just yet. The week has been overwhelming to an extent that’s hard to really even describe. Here’s the full playlist of videos, some of which we haven’t had time to post on the front page yet:

It’s about 10:00 PM Pacific, we’ve still got tons of stuff to do, and we’re both flying out super early tomorrow. This week’s podcast will be posted on Monday. This will give us a couple of days to get caught up, digest everything, and actually be able to discuss it all without just going on about how exhausted we are.

I know a lot of folks look forward to podcasts on Fridays, but, I promise the wait will be worth it. Seriously though, we’ve got hours of new video content from this week alone, so be sure to check that all out.

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