‘The GO Trilogy Series’ Revisits ‘Lara Croft GO’ in the Second Episode

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After telling us the history of Hitman GO in a brief video, Square Enix Montreal has returned with the second episode of The GO Trilogy Series that talks about Lara Croft GO ($4.99), the second GO game that is – like Hitman GO – also highly regarded. The video talks about the ways in which Lara Croft GO departed from the board-gamey aesthetic of Hitman GO and managed to do its own thing. The game’s aesthetic took a lot from the original game including some of the sound effects and even the low-poly look. The word homage comes up again and again, and I think it’s an appropriate way of looking at Lara Croft GO because it feels less like a port and much more like a game inspired by many of the elements that made Tomb Raider the iconic franchise it is today.

This episode of The GO Trilogy also marks the PC release of the Mirror of Spirits expansion, which should be coming to the mobile version in the near future. The next episode will be on Deus Ex GO and, I suppose, should be coming out pretty soon. And remember, you can get the three GO games in a bundle here.

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