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‘Aftershock – Tactical Card Combat’ Launching March 9th

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Aftershock – Tactical Card Combat, the card game tailored around your busy schedule, is getting ready for launch on March 9th. As we wrote about a few weeks back, Aftershock is a revamped version of Give me Fuel, which came out some time ago but was more of a proof of concept than a fully-fledged game. Aftershock takes your real-life activity and turns it into an adventure. You level up as you go along and try to make it through the day. Even though this is a card game, it’s not a CCG not an F2P game, so don’t go in expecting any of the usual shenanigans.

The game offers both single-player experience and asynchronous PvP, although the focus is the former rather than the latter. Visit our forum thread if you want to chat to the developers. The game will launch March 9th for $2.99, so keep an eye out if Aftershock looks like something you would enjoy.

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