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GDC 2017: Check Out ‘Iron Marines’ by ‘Kingdom Rush’ Developer in Action

Ironhide Games Studios, most known for the Kingdom Rush series of gmaes, is hard at work on Iron Marines, their take on real-time strategy games. Ironhide gave me a demo of the game at GDC 2017. You’ll be going on missions of various types, including base invasions, and search-and-rescue missions. Heroes will play a big role in the game, with powers that can be deployed to help you gain the upper-hand Check out some footage of the game in action (the video cuts off a bit early due to an error):

Expect many of the elements to feel quite familiar if you’re a fan of Ironhide’s previous titles. It has a lot of their look and feel, just in a different genre. There’s even a Kingdom Rush crossover with one of the heroes. Some of th final details are yet to be locked down, and they don’t want to quite confirm when it’ll be releasing yet. Ironhide is also not ready to talk much about Kingdom Rush 4, but I can say that it does exist and it’s looking pretty cool. Iron Marines is the star of the show and their next game, and so far it’s looking like another impressive addition to their collection of titles.