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The Award-Winning ‘The Escapists’ Coming to Mobile March 2nd

The Escapists, the very entertaining and award-winning PC game, is about to come to mobile March 2nd. The Team 17 and Mouldy Toof game is a sandbox prison-escape game that puts you in 6 challenging prisons and asks you to break out. You’ll have to work around the prison schedule and, of course, avoid drawing the attention of the guards. There are quite a few things to do in order to plan and execute the perfect escape. You’ll need things like money, of course, so you’ll have to get a prison job and perform favors for money. You’ll be using that money to get your hands on tools and crafting supplies that you then need to stash somewhere safe.

The game comes with 6 unique prisons ranging from your standard minimum security prison to the infamous Stalag Flucht WWII POW camp, and you can dig out of a prison or even organize a whole prison takeover. Add to that 10 prison jobs and a crafting system, which allows you to craft sheet ropes, cutters, sock maces, shivs, and more, and you can see that The Escapists has plenty of replayability. The game is coming out March 2nd for iOS and Android and will cost $4.99.