‘Dashy Crashy Turbo’ Massive Update Hits on March 2nd

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Dumpling Design has spent some time working on a massive update to Dashy Crashy (Free), that might as well be a sequel, really. Dashy Crashy Turbo is an update set to hit the game on March 2nd, and it’s going to bring some new features to the title. The big addition is that all the vehicles are going to have something new added to them. This could be an action, such as the UFO getting to go up in the air and abduct cars. Or, it could be a secondary perk, or a bonus mode that helps the cars net you some better scores. 25 new cars are being added to the game in total, along with an overhaul of loot boxes, missions, and more.

The update will hit on March 2nd, and existing players will be able get a free upgrade to their existing collection of cars for the new features. The update is set to hit on iOS, tvOS, and Android at the same time, with the game returning to the App Store on that date, as it’s unavailable right now. Though, if you downloaded the game at some point on iOS, and have an Apple TV, you might want to go looking through your purchased history on the Apple TV if you’re curious to play this right now…

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