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Nitrome Reveals Their 2D Platformer on a Cube, ‘Flat Pack’

Nitrome has been known for two-dimensional games with some of the finest pixel art in mobile gaming. But what if they made something…in 3D? Blasphemy, you say! Untenable! Well, Nitrome’s showing that everything in 2017 is getting turned upside down, as they’ve revealed Flat Pack. Now, it’s not too far off from their typical output, as it’s still inherently a 2D game with pixel art. The trick, though, is that it’s played around a 3D shape. Oh my!

It looks rather interesting, as pieces of the cube you explore come and go as you collect various trinkets in the level. And there is the potential for multiple gravity shenanigans. I’m really curious to see what Nitrome’s got with Flat Pack, and expect more updates on this one as we hear about them, because Nitrome makes good games, and seeing them expand their horizons is especially intriguing.