‘Pathfinder Adventures’ Is About to Lose Its Quest Mode

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On this day of the celebration of love (and greeting cards and flowers), Pathfinder Adventures(Free) Quest Mode won’t be seeing any happy endings. According to the latest dev blog, the Quest Mode will be removed from the game, and it’s possible it might never find its way back into the game. The mode was added to the game between Decks 3 and 4 a a way to offer more content to please the game’s most vocal fans. However, there were often issues and bugs plaguing it.The developers haven’t had time to add new content to the Quest Mode and have focused instead on the Story Campaign. So, they decided to just remove it.

Those playing Quest Mode for the next couple of weeks can earn some good rewards like 125 Gold per level of the highest Quest Mode character and more (you can see the rewards here). And the developers are trying to leverage as much content from Quest Mode, probably as side stories for your campaign characters. If you want to get those rewards, make sure you play Quest Mode at least once prior to the next patch, even if you have a level 40 character. Sad to this the mode go, but I’d rather we have a smoother-playing base game and more story content instead.

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