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3 Sprockets’ Upcoming Endless Driller ‘Digby Forever’ Gets an Explosive New Animated Trailer

I’m a big fan of 3 Sprockets, as their work on App Store classic Pac-Man 256 (Free) and the beautiful minimalist puzzler Outfolded (Free) exemplifies their dedication to quality, well thought out experiences on mobile devices. As a result, when I first saw the announcement of Digby Forever, I was instantly smitten. Combining the evocative nostalgia of games such as Mr. Driller with a modern intensity perfectly suited to the iPhone – all the while retaining 3 Sprockets’ elite production values – is an incredibly compelling mix, and with a February 16th release date set in stone, there isn’t too much longer to wait for any drilling devotees to try out this newest digging game. To help us get through the two weeks of impatient anticipation, the developers have today released a brand new animated trailer for Digby Forever, which goes some way in encapsulating the charm and character within the game.

While this new animated trailer for Digby Forever doesn’t provide any more insight on the nooks and crannies of the core game, it does give us a taste of the explosive bombing and drilling action that 3 Sprockets have in store for us, as well as provide a detailed look at the colorful voxel graphical style of Digby and his many nefarious foes. With an extensive cast of eccentric creatures lurking in the depths of Digby’s drilling sites, from enemies that can only move sideways, to ones that have a ‘severe case of flatulence’, it’s evident that the developers have gone the extra mile to create a compelling universe behind the game, which should serve to not only make Digby Forever even more immersive, but also hopefully provide a basis for additional games in the franchise later down the line. Head down to our forum thread for further discussion on Digby Forever before it launches on the App Store on February 16th.