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Endless Digger from 3 Sprockets ‘Digby Forever’ Launching on iOS February 16th

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Earlier this month 3 Sprockets, who have created games like strategy title Cubemen2 ($1.99) and clever puzzler Outfolded (Free), and who also co-developed the fantastic Pac-Man 256 (Free), announced their latest game called Digby Forever. It’s an endless digger that has you frantically digging down through the earth avoiding enemies and hazards and hopefully making it far before your ultimate demise. The preview gifs looked great, and I was pretty anxious to check it out when it released. Well, as of today 3 Sprockets has announced when that release date will be, and it’s in just a couple of weeks on February 16th!

Here’s a fact about me that you may not already know: I am completely in love with a little iOS digging game called Doug Dug (Free). It’s a very similar type of digging game that rewards you for taking your time and strategizing just when and where you dig in order to keep your run going. It’s an all-time favorite of mine, and Digby Forever looks like the “turned up to 11" version of Doug Dug, which has me very excited indeed. So join me as we try to exercise our patience for the next couple of weeks until Digby Forever arrives, and until then you can pass the time by visiting the game’s forum thread for some discussion.

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