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Pre-Register for ‘Fire Emblem: Heroes’ on Android

If you on the Android side of the world and want to be notified the moment Fire Emblem: Heroes is available for download, you can pre-register today on Google Play’s page. We know the game is coming February 2nd, but if the pre-register system works better than the iOS one did for Super Mario Run – where I didn’t get a notification until the next day – you should be able to get notified the moment it pops up on the store. In addition to the pre-registration, you can also read more about the features Fire Emblem: Heroes is bringing to mobile on the store page.

We’ve already talked about most of them, but there is some extra information on the various modes like Story Maps, the Training (Grinding) Tower, where you can play scenarios repeatedly for more rewards and experience points, Arena Duels, where you fight against others across the world, and more. Check out the page here and then pre-register for Fire Emblem: Heroes.