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World-Shifting Puzzler ‘Splitter Critters’ Set to Launch Next Week on the App Store

The beauty of the App Store is that, every once in a while, you’ll come across a game that has such remarkable and unique mechanics it will still impress you, even after you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to mobile gaming. Splitter Critters is the latest upcoming iOS release that has shocked me in such a way – the ability to slice and manipulate the environment to help your Lemmings-esque characters find their way back to their spaceship is extremely clever, and perfectly suited to touch screen controls. We first heard about Splitter Critters back in October, and while the game missed its initial late 2016 release date, developer RAC7 has confirmed on their Twitter account that their latest title is set to launch next week on the App Store.

The more I watch gameplay videos of Splitter Critters, the more I am impressed with the work that RAC7 have done with the title. Not only is the core mechanic intuitive and inventive, but the environments, puzzle types, and general charm of the game are extremely well done, and with the promise of a variety of locations to visit and mechanics such as laser beams and liquids to navigate, Splitter Critters has put itself right at the top of my list of games to look out for. Furthermore, Splitter Critters will launch as a premium release with no in-app purchases which is always a good thing, and there is also a playable prototype on the internet to give a sense of the game’s mechanics if you want to see how they work in practice. A game with as brilliant a name as Splitter Critters was always going to be a must-buy, but it’s great to see such promise executed to its fullest potential as well – keep an eye on our forum thread for further details in the lead up to Splitter Critters‘ release next week.