‘Draft Challenge’ ‘Clash Royale’ Event is Here

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Clash Royale (Free) is bringing another challenge to the game starting today, but even though it has a new name, it’s a repeat of an older one. We are getting the Draft Challenge, but you knew it better as the Crown Duel Challenge. The new name is more appropriate since what you do is draft cards. The way it works is you get to pick one out of two random cards until you have four cards, but the fun part is that the cards you don’t pick go to your opponent’s deck. The problem, though, is that he gets to do the same, so you end up with four cards you picked and four cards your opponent picked for you. It also means you know four of your opponent’s cards already.

Between January 19th and 23rd you can play with clanmates and friends in a Friendly Battle, and between January 20th and 23rd you play Classic Draft Challenge for 10 gems or Grand Draft Challenge for 100 gems. I like the idea of this challenge because dumping bad cards on your opponent makes for fun moments. Enjoy trolling and being trolled.

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