‘Vainglory’ Update 2.1 Adds Blitz Mode Beta, New Chest, and Other Tweaks

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Super Evil Megacorp has released update 2.1 for Vainglory (Free), bringing with it the beta for a brand new mode called Blitz. This is Vainglory‘s attempt to hop into the 5-minute MOBA format that you see in a lot of new games. Five minute matches have you playing for points, with each player starting at level 9 and 6000 gold. You get points by killing heroes or destroying objectives, with 15 points being the goal to win. The developers are still adjusting how Blitz mode plays, so they’re still calling it a beta for now, though everyone has access to the new mode.

There’s a whole host of changes in update 2.1. The map has been updated for Lunar New Year. New skins are incoming. If you buy ICE, you’ll have a new top-tier, Epic Mystery Chest to unlock, which can come with some massive jackpots. These chests have the possibility to include every hero, every skin, plus some that aren’t being sold yet, with 20 Opals for any duplicates. Plus, ICE buyers will get a supporter badge for the next 30 days after they buy some ICE. There’s a bunch of tweaks also added to the game, so for Vainglory players, this could be a rather important update. That Blitz mode has me tempted…

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