‘Super Mario Run’ Comes to Android in March

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Android players don’t have to wait for Fire Emblem Heroes on February 2nd (possibly, with Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter account mentioning February 2nd for the iOS version as well). However, Super Mario Run (Free) is still nowhere to be found on Android. Well, Nintendo has dropped word that March is when the game is expected to release on Android. There’s no specific release date yet, but there is a Google Play pre-registration page that will notify you when the game is available on Android.

Don’t be surprised if March 16th is the date, as that would fall on the same Thursday-ish release timing for Super Mario Run and would come right after the three-month anniversary for the iOS release. Assuming that there’s an exclusivity deal that’s throwing off the game’s eventual release on iOS, of course. It would be odd for Fire Emblem Heroes to be completed for Android before Super Mario Run is unless contracts and money were involved…

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