Discover a New ‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl This Week, ‘Spellbook Duel’

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I enjoy the challenge of a new Hearthstone (Free) Tavern Brawl, and this week’s Spellbook Duel is a brand new one that’s all about Discover. In Spellbook Duel, you pick ten cards – no duplicates allowed – and then every time you get to play a card, you Discover one instead of drawing one. As you can guess, this Brawl really helps you curve out nicely since the chances of drawing a card that works for you each turn increase dramatically. The fact that no duplicates are allowed makes Reno decks great in this Brawl, especially a Kazakus one. I just played a quick match with a Kazakus mage deck with your standard Mana Wyrms, flamestrikes, and the like, and it was a steamroller since I got to draw a Kazakus almost every other turn.



Keep in mind that there are some cards that get removed from your ten-card deck when drawn – Patches the Pirate being the most important one – so not all shenanigans are allowed. There’s plenty of space to experiment in Spellbook Duel. I like how it supercharges the game’s various mechanics. You want to play Jade Golems? You’ll be drawing one pretty much every turn. Kazakus? Spells abound. I expect to see an interesting mini-meta develop throughout the week, which is always fun to watch. Spellbook Duel is live in the Americas, so go pick ten cards and rush in.

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