‘Super Mario Run’ Running ‘ Loads of Coins’ Limited Event

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If you log into Super Mario Run (Free) today, you’ll be greeted with a notification for a new event (with a fun image of Luigi gathering coins) called Loads of Coins. This limited time event is live now and will run until January 25th, and it’s all about – you guessed it – getting loads of coins. When you win a Toad Rally during this event, you get 1.5 times the coins you’d usually get, so that’s a pretty good deal and a good way to boost your coins quickly. If you do lose in the Toad Rally, you get the same amount of coins you’d usually get. Here’s your chance to buy those extra buildings you’ve been wanting to.

We shouldn’t be surprised by Nintendo starting to run events like these because with no new content coming down the pipe anytime soon, they need something to keep players coming back to the game, just like what Pokemon GO has been doing recently. The event is live now, so here’s your chance to grab more coins.

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