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‘Into the Badlands Blade Battle’ Turns AMC’s Show Into Isometric MP Combat

AMC’s Into the Badlands has been doing well enough to get a second season, and now we’re getting a mobile game based on the martial arts post-apocalyptic show. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the show yet, it’s the story of a ruthless warrior called Sunny and M.K., a young boy with dark secrets and a huge bounty on his head. Not the most original story, but what makes Into the Badlands intriguing is the mixing of a post-apocalyptic world with martial arts, assassins, and a feudal society. Reliance Games, of Real Steel and others, has seen the potential of this universe and decided to turn this show into a massively multiplayer martial arts game.

The game will bring isometric tactical combat and, of course, all the characters from the TV show including M.K., Sunny, The Widow, and many more, each with unique weapons and combat styles. The game will bring what the developers are calling One Vs. Many combat system, alliances, the ability to build squads, and more. I do like the sound of all this, but the proof will be in the martial arts pudding. The game will be coming at some point soon, and you can join the Google Play Beta here.