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‘Warfriends’ from Chillingo Launches Worldwide on January 17th

Chillingo’s Warfriends has been in soft launch for a while now, but it looks like the multiplayer strategy/cover-shooter is about to see the light of day, as a worldwide launch date is set for January 17th. This one has been in soft launch since last April, and has seen some tweaking since its original launch. There seemed to be a heavy focus on monetization with the WarCards in the early builds I played, but that could obviously have changed in the last few months for the global launch. Finding the right balance between “keeping users from getting too angry about monetization" and “getting users to pay" is the whole point of a soft launch, after all.

About Fun, the developer of Mega Dead Pixel (Free), is the studio behind this one. There’s an interesting combo of cover shooter gameplay and strategy elements with the WarCards that you bring into battle and deploy against your enemies. Plus, with multiplayer against another opponent, it leads to some interesting combat scenarios. Check this one out on the 17th.