Philipp Stolenmayer’s ‘Zip-Zap’ Updated With 32 Landscape Levels and $0.99 Sale

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Philipp Stollenmayer, developer of such games like Sometimes You Die ($1.99), Okay? (Free), and Pancake – The Game (Free), has updated his game Zip-Zap ($1.99) with 32 new levels with a twist. Literally, these levels force you to twist your device from portrait into landscape mode in order to play them.

If you haven’t played Zip-Zap yet, well, good news: the game is on sale for $0.99 with the new update, down from $1.99. It’s only a dollar less, but hey, that’s still technically half off, and mobile pricing psychology is so weird any way, so enjoy the massive not-massive savings. Zip-Zap is pretty charming for a physics-type puzzler, as you use a one-tap control scheme to manipulate objects on a hinge to try and complete each level’s objective. It’s fun stuff, and the game does a good job at making inanimate objects have a character to them.

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