The Clever Platformer ‘Return of the Zombie King’ Is on Sale for the First Time

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Return of the Zombie King (Free) is a clever little platformer, and it even managed to make its way into Eli’s Top 10 of 2016. Now it’s on sale for the first time ever, and you should pick it up if you’ve been looking for a fun platformer to play. The conceit behind Return of the Zombie King is that you start the game as the recently-deceased King, and throughout your runs you try to get back to your old virility and humanity by upgrading yourself with legs, eyes, ears, and so on. There are also additional upgrades to unlock as you go along until you once again become the once and future King.

Zombie King

The game comes with over 100 levels, plenty of upgrades to be had, fun art, and – as the game’s description points out – a beard. I mean come on, who doesn’t want a game with a beard in this day and age? You can now have this game with a beard for a dollar, so I suggest you go pick it up.

  • Return of the Zombie King

    When the Zombie King returns, it spells doom for the world! Or it would, if he had all of his powers. Unfortunately, he …
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