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‘Angry Birds Blast’ Launching Globally Dec. 22nd

Raise your hands if you wanted another Angry Birds game. Well, you’re getting one anyway. Angry Birds Blast, a puzzle game starring all those ill-tempered birds, is going to blast onto the App Store December 22nd, so get ready to have a blast. The game is a balloon popping puzzler that has you freeing the birds trapped in those colorful balloons. There are all kinds of puzzles to solve, the usual 3-star level rating to work for, boosters to use to take out more balloons at the same time, as well as daily challenges and leaderboards.

As you can tell, Rovio is not reinventing the wheel with this one, but at the same time it doesn’t really have to. Those angry birds are still quite famous, and a fun puzzle game starring them should do pretty well regardless of the mechanics. The game is coming out worldwide December 22nd, and if you go here and pre-register, you can get a free gift.