‘Super Mario Run’ Appears to be Doing Well Despite Lukewarm Reviews

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It’s hard to deny Super Mario Run‘s (Free) charm – even though it’s not a perfect game – and it looks like Nintendo’s big hope for mobile is doing very well for itself despite middling reviews. The numbers aren’t that clear at the moment because of how the revenue is lagging behind downloads (due to the monetization model), so keep that in mind. According to Apptopia, the game was downloaded 2.85 million times on the first day (App Annie has the number at around 10 million), which might beat Pokemon GO‘s 1 million downloads on day 1 but the latter was only available in 3 countries that day while Super Mario Run in 150.

App Annie‘s numbers show Super Mario Run making over $4 million and becoming top ranked game by downloads across 60 countries. It quickly went on to become the highest grossing game in 11 countries a few hours after it released. As you can tell, the game is a pretty big success so far, as was to be expected after all that promotion and with the Nintendo and Mario names on the box. Whether the game’s success will have legs and whether it will bring in what Nintendo expected it to remains to be seen.

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