‘Pathfinder Adventures’ Gets Deck 6 in Latest Update

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Obsidian said that Pathfinder Adventures(Free) Deck 6 was almost here, and it was speaking truth because the latest update just brought Spires of Xin-Shalast to us just in time for the holidays. Deck 6 brings 5 new scenarios to the game, including the conclusion to the Rise of the Runelords adventure, 4 new locations, 4 new maps, over 40 new monsters, villains, and henchmen, and, of course, tons more weapons, spells, loots, and so on. The update also brings character equipment sets where characters have alternate versions you can purchase in the store and each alt has alternate art. You can see the slight differences between the alts and the original characters in terms of stats here.

Pathfinder Adventures

The update is of course bringing all kinds of bug fixes to the game – and probably introducing some new bugs – along with cards that have been modified from the physical game to better fit the digital one (or because of technical reasons). You can read all the bug fixes (the list is long) here. Deck 6 is available in the Store, so go grab it and get to work.

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