‘Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin’ Returns to the App Store with Free Compatibility Update for Previous Owners

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Back in 2012, Danish developer Press Play was acquired by Microsoft and used to create exclusive games for Microsoft’s fledgling Windows Phone platform. One of those games was called Tentacles, and it was about controlling a little blob creature by touching the screen to grab onto objects and pull through the level using its set of 4 wiggly tentacles. It was a really unique game that worked wonderfully on a touchscreen, and when it was apparent that its exclusivity wasn’t exactly bringing in the customers to the Windows Phone platform, Microsoft opted to bring the game to iOS in October of 2012 with the title Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin ($2.99). It was an interesting and entertaining game that we enjoyed in our original review.

At some point last year, though, Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin broke compatibility with the iOS of the time, and Microsoft pulled the title from the App Store. In March of this year, Microsoft made the decision to shudder Press Play, making it seem pretty unlikely that Tentacles would ever come back in working form. However, some of the former Press Play folks went on to form a new company called Flashbulb Games and they also managed to gain back the rights to the Tentacles IP from Microsoft. This resulted in them creating a sequel of sorts called Tentacles: Enter the Mind (Free) which launched in the beginning of November. Along with the sequel Flashbulb also planned on fixing up Enter the Dolphin and re-releasing it, which they have done as of yesterday.

Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin was a really neat game that I was sad to see disappear, so I am really happy to see it finally get resurrected. The most impressive part though? This new update arrives as a free update to anyone who owned the original Microsoft-published title. This sort of situation can get pretty hairy, and I was fully expecting them to have to release this as a new app that would have to be bought again. Not the case! Another cool bonus is that the original release’s DLC expansion is simply included in the initial purchase of the game, which is currently just $2.99. If you missed out on this one before or if you’ve since deleted it due to its incompatibility, head over to the App Store and check out the newly updated Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin.

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