‘Oceanhorn’ Finally Hits Google Play, and Discounted on iOS

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It’s been about three years since the Zelda-inspired Oceanhorn ($7.99) hit iOS, and the game has stopped off on other platforms along the way, but at long last, Android gamers can play it for themselves. Well, as a native app, they can now – Nvidia Shield users have been able to stream the game via GeForce Now for a while, but they already can’t play Super Mario Run offline (or at all, until the Android version releases), why should they be forced to be online to play Oceanhorn? Madness, I say!

If you’re on iOS and still haven’t checked it out, then it’s also on sale on iOS for $4.99. The Android version is free to download, with a one-time IAP to unlock the full game. A sequel is in the works, and I’m interested to see just which platforms it ends up on. Until then, Android gamers can check out Oceanhorn on Google Play. It was once true to say this is the closest you’ll probably get to Zelda on mobile, but a new Mario game just released yesterday on mobile, so frankly, anything could happen now.

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