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Craneballs’ Upcoming ‘Bomb Hunters’ Looks Like a Blast, Needs Beta Testers

Craneballs are App Store stalwarts, and having been around for a while in iOS gaming, the Czech developers have dabbled in a wide variety of genres, from shooters such as the Overkill (Free) series, to strange Splatoon-meets-racing hybrids like the February release Splash Cars (Free). However, despite their eclectic experiences thus far, bomb defusing games are certainly new ground, and that’s what Craneballs are attempting to pull off in their upcoming game Bomb Hunters. As you’d expect from the title, Bomb Hunters tasks you with navigating highly fortified environments full of numerous defences in an attempt to deactivate a hidden explosive before the timer runs out and it explodes. This interesting against-the-clock take on Crossy Road (Free) endless puzzle games looks refreshing, and if you’d like to give it a go before its impending release, the developers are looking for beta testers for Bomb Hunters on our forum for both iOS and Android gamers.

While there aren’t too many details released about Bomb Hunters as of yet – specific information on what’s in store within the game or even a release date remain elusive – the gameplay trailer above looks varied, and hopefully an early 2017 launch isn’t too much of a stretch. While the typical trappings of a freemium title, such as numerous currencies and loot boxes, are all present, the different environments and interesting bomb defusing mini games are a really creative way of taking a unique stance within an awfully crowded genre. Head down to our upcoming games forum thread for more information about the game in the lead up to its future launch, as well as to sign up for the beta test if you think Bomb Hunters looks like a blast.