The Incredible ‘Implosion: Never Lose Hope’ Is Free on the App Store for the First Time Ever

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As there are so many fantastic sales on the App Store – especially during the lead up to Christmas – it takes a lot to really surprise me when it comes to iOS discounts, but that’s exactly what developers Rayark have managed to pull off. Today, for some undisclosed reason (the aforementioned festive season is a pretty good guess), Implosion: Never Lose Hope ($1.99) is now available for free for the next two days only, which is one of the most mind-baffling sales I have seen on the App Store for years. We loved Implosion when it launched in April 2015, as its premium take on the third person action genre was stunning for a mobile game that was already easily more than worth ten dollars. This new price of absolutely nothing is therefore the epitome of a bargain, and I’d implore anyone unfortunate enough to miss out on the game first time around to take advantage of this temporary offer and download Implosion right now before it reverts back to full price at midnight of December 14th (GMT+8).

Eagle-eyed readers will be aware this isn’t the first sale for Implosion, as the game has fluctuated around the two dollar mark in the past, reaching a previous all time low of $0.99 back in September. However, today is the first time that Rayark’s opus has been available for free, and despite being relatively old in App Store terms the game holds up brilliantly to this day, and is still a fantastic example of the full graphical prowess of the iPhone as a gaming device. Having been supported extensively with updates including additional missions and characters since its initial release, this is a great excuse for old fans to revisit Implosion in these cold December months, and an even better reason for cynics to finally give the game a go. Either way, let us know your thoughts on Implosion: Never Lose Hope in the comments, or on our dedicated forum thread.

Update: The App Store description has further elaborated that the Implosion sale is a limited time Christmas promotion that will only last from December 13th to the end of December 14th (in the GMT+8 timezone). This means you only have just under two days to take advantage of this sale, so act quickly to not miss out! In addition to the Implosion discount, Rayark’s other games including Cytus ($1.99) and Deemo ($1.99) are also free, so give them a download as well if you’re so inclined.

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