Extreme Jumping Simulator ‘High Risers’ Receives New Level and Characters in Christmas Update

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We’re now a week into December, which brings with it a whole host of wacky and wonderful things you just wouldn’t see at any other time of the year. Firstly, an overabundance of decorative lights on virtually every surface. Secondly, cats around the globe endeavouring to pull down any festive tree within jumping distance. However, most importantly for iOS gamers are the various Christmas updates for many of the most beloved titles on the App Store, and while normally mere cosmetic differences, such additions serve as a fitting excuse to revisit some releases that may have been overshadowed somewhat since launch. High Risers (Free) is one such game, and has today received a new Santa Claus and North Pole themed update which should help shake up Kumobius’s latest immensely compelling high score jumping game.

In the latest update for High Risers, the developers have added a whole host of Christmas-themed characters that are unlockable through the game’s in game currency, as well as a new North Pole-based level that should serve as a distraction from the ironic monotony of the office environment. While these additions are relatively shallow cosmetic alterations for High Risers, it’s the sense of not knowing what can be found at the higher echelons of each unlockable location that serves motivate you to continue trying to better your previous high score, and ascend the tower to its highest points. Despite not being the height of innovation or having much variety to its gameplay, I still ended up playing High Risers obsessively around its release because of how the basic gameplay elements, coupled with its emphasis on timing and reactions, created a sense of purity that made any failed runs feel entirely a result of my input, and not the product of flaws or gimmicks within the game. Anyone looking for a new high scoring challenge will get a lot of mileage out of High Risers, so be sure to jump up to our forum thread for further discussion on the game and its new Christmas-themed update.

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