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‘Alto’s Odyssey’ Is the Follow-up to the Fantastic ‘Alto’s Adventure’

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Alto’s Adventure ($4.99) is a fantastic game and is often a point of reference for many gamers mostly because of its great, moody ambiance, lovely art style, and zen quality. While it didn’t innovate the endless runner (or snowboarding) genre, it made it much more artistic than it was before. Ryan Cash has been updating Alto’s Adventure quite frequently, but it now appears it’s time for the next Alto’s game, Alto’s Odyssey. The website for the game doesn’t offer much info outside a lovely image that once more showcases the particular art style and moodiness of Ryan Cash’s creations.

Alto's Odyssey

The famous lama remains in the A of Alto’s, but the image seems to have more buildings than your usual Alto’s Adventure run as well as balloons and a long-tailed bird. Ryan won’t divulge any more details on it, so we’re all left to speculate. Any ideas? Do you think this is still going to be an endless runner, or might we see levels this time around? No matter what it ends up being, I’m looking forward to this one for sure.

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