‘Tomb of the Mask’ Updated With New Stage-Based Mode and Sixty Levels, Plus More

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Happymagenta are one of my favorite mobile developers, as their relatively simple experiences are always incredibly well done, and perfectly suited to gaming on the go. Tomb of the Mask (Free) is a particular highlight, as its mix of Pac Man and The Last Rocket ($1.99) was impossible to put down, and the perpetual quest to improve on your previous best run was ridiculously compelling. However, while such endless high score hijinks are always a lot of fun, anyone wanting a more substantial level-based campaign will be delighted to hear that the developers have today added a whole new story mode, which features sixty specialised stages that will truly put your Tomb of the Mask skills to the test.

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In this newest update, Happymagenta have crafted each of the sixty bespoke challenges to rattle your reflexes as ever, but also to put an emphasis on strategic thinking, as the most efficient path will be required to receive the highest three star rank for each level. This focus on timing should mean that this new stage-based mode is the same familiar gameplay, but different enough to be a fitting justification for both fans and cynics to give the newest Tomb of the Mask update a chance. Other additions in this 1.2 update include changes to the game’s balance, a completely readjusted UI, and a fresh new music track, which are all welcome inclusions in an impressive display of support for what was an already essential iOS release. Download the new update for the game on the App Store now, and head down to our forum thread for further discussion about Tomb of the Mask.

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