Explore the Netherworld in Upcoming ‘Aralon: Forge and Flame’ Update

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While it may seem a little dated nowadays with the fast paced technological advancements that are one of the defining attributes of iOS devices, the original Aralon: Sword and Shadow (Free) was one of the most noteworthy releases on the App Store, and for good reason. After an age of excited speculation on the upcoming forum thread, the game launched to universal critical acclaim in late 2010 for its ambition, scale, and graphical fidelity which was unprecedented in the early years of the App Store. The 2015 sequel titled Aralon: Forge and Flame ($4.99) may have not been as groundbreaking or revolutionary as the original, but still managed to further refine the formula that was so well received back in the day, resulting in an essential App Store release for anyone looking for their Elder Scrolls-esque RPG fix on mobile devices. In the near future, Galoobeth and Crescent Moon Games are planning on releasing a brand new content update for Aralon: Forge and Flame, with a whole new dungeon as well as some other enhancements that should give fans who have completed the campaign even more adventuring to do on the go.

While specific details of the upcoming content update for Aralon: Forge and Flame are relatively scarce, the developer has revealed that the brand new high level dungeon is to be called the Netherworld, and the entrance to such an ominously titled location is to be found under the main city of Callaheim. Personally, the dungeons within Aralon were a particular highlight, as the atmospheric environments and interesting puzzles created that feeling of wonder and intrigue that many similar open world RPGs have struggled to create. While the title of the dungeon isn’t particularly subtle, the fact that Aralon‘s ‘hell’ is located under the capital of the game is quite exciting, and should serve as a fitting final challenge for anyone who has completed the bulk of what’s to see within the game. As well as this new dungeon, additional rendering performance improvements that come with the recent Unity 5.5 update are particularly welcome, and will make for an even smoother experience. If you’re excited to traverse the Netherworld of Aralon: Forge and Flame, be sure to keep an eye on our forum thread for further details of the upcoming update’s release.

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