‘Tiny Wings TV’ Hits the Apple TV with Split Screen Multiplayer for $2.99

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We posted about it coming a few days ago, but Tiny Wings TV has since been released on the Apple TV. If you load up your Apple TV’s App Store, you’ll see it front and centered featured for $2.99. Chances are you’ve already played the iOS version, but playing on the TV provides a new opportunity to play split screen multiplayer sharing either one Apple TV remote or using an Apple TV remote and a secondary MFi controller.

It’s really impossible to say enough good things about Tiny Wings, and if you don’t have it yet on something, grabbing the game on the Apple TV is a great way to go. Alternatively, you can get Tiny Wings ($1.99) for the iPhone and believe it or not the game is old enough to have a separate iPad “HD" version, Tiny Wings HD ($2.99). (This sort of thing used to be totally normal.)

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