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Shigeru Miyamoto Will Talk ‘Super Mario Run’ on Dec. 8th in NY

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If you live around New York City and want to get an early taste of Super Mario Run (Free), go here quickly to RSVP (although chances are it’s already full). On December 8th, the Apple Store at SoHo will be hosting Shigeru Miyamoto for a conversation about everything Super Mario Run. According to the announcement, Miyamoto will talk to TV personality Katie Linendoll about the importance of fun and the inspiration behind Super Mario Run‘s gameplay. I really hope he says that Mario was always meant to be a runner (I have my reasons why). If you’re lucky enough to be at the event, you’ll get an exclusive early look of Super Mario Run a week before it releases, and I envy you already.

I expect this talk to be very entertaining, and I’m actually quite curious to hear more about the thinking process behind transforming Mario into a runner you can play with one hand. I also hope he talks about how they came to their “controversial" monetization decisions. Check out the full announcement here.

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