Check Out How the Lovely ‘Don’t Grind’ Was Made

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Don’t Grind (Free) is a silly game, but silly in the positive sense of the word. We really like it here at TouchArcade towers, and it’s no accident it was our Game of the Week. Something about trying to keep those poor vegetables, sweets, or whatever from dying at the blades of the huge buzzsaws is endearing, especially because the physics work great and make the game feel good. The game has just released a funny video to celebrate 2 million players, so we thought it would be a good time to write about this developer blog that talks about the game’s origin and all the development decisions that went into making it. For instance, the developers wanted to have gore and screaming in the game but made sure it was more on the funny than horrifying side. That’s why you won’t see red-colored blood or any little animals falling into those buzzsaws.

The other important design decision had to do with how to make the inanimate objects of the game come to life. To do that, they gave the objects eyebrows, eyes, and a mouth so they could clearly express their terror while dancing at the precipice of death. The blog goes on to talk about how the game was designed to scale in difficulty as well as how the music and sound design came about. Fun read and definitely worth checking out if you like the game or just enjoy reading about game development.

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