‘Hearthstone’ Patch Shows We are Getting ‘Gadgetzan’ Packs Quests

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When Hearthstone‘s (Free) Whispers of the Old Gods expansion released, we got quite a few quests with Whispers packs as rewards. Now that the Gadgetzan patch has dropped ahead of the expansion release on Thursday, many have been digging into the notes to see what goodies we are getting this time around. As HearthPwn has discovered, winning 3 games as a class from one of the families gets you 2 Mean Streets packs. So, winning a game as a Hunter, Paladin, and Warrior, or Druid, Rogue, and Shaman, or Mage, Priest, and Warlock, will get you those 6 free packs. Not a bad deal at all. In the last expansion, we all got 3 packs for free, so I would expect that to happen again. I’m not sure we are going to get a Legendary like the last time, but I hope we do.

The patch also includes all the card flavor text (and some of it is hilarious) as well as the new card backs and clues for upcoming Tavern Brawls. You can see what has been uncovered here so you can start getting hyped about Thursday.

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