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‘Space Madness’ by Naquatic is an Experiment in Game Theory and Space Monkeys

Naquatic is back with an interesting multiplayer experiment in game theory…that also stars monkeys in space. Space Madness puts you and two other players with the task of trying to not hit the red self-destruct button in the next 10 minutes before the journey ends. As you travel along, diamonds are accumulated. Everyone makes it there in one piece, and each player gets all the diamonds that are accumulated, an artifact, and lightyears based on how far you traveled in your mission. Seems easy enough, right? Well, here’s the catch: if someone hits that self-destruct button, they’ll get whatever diamonds have been collected, and nobody gets an artifact. Oh, and you all have stun guns. You can send premade chat messages, and the gyroscope in your device will communicate body language, so…this could be interesting.

Even Naquatic isn’t completely sure how this is going to work, or how trigger happy people will be on that self destruct button, but there’s plans for balancing out various aspects of the game to promote destruction or survival as time goes on. And, you can unlock new monkeys to play as, new guns to use, as well as joining in clans in much the same way that CivCrafter (Free) supports. This one releases on December 1st, and it should prove to be an interesting experience. There are some early promo codes in the game’s forum thread, as well as a little reward experience where everyone could get great rewards…or one person could get a smaller reward all to themselves.