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‘Postknight’ RPG from ‘Tiny Guardians’ Developer Kurechii Needs Beta Testers

Kurechii, the studio behind Tiny Guardians ($3.99) and King’s League: Odyssey ($1.99), has announced its newest game, Postknight. Oh, and they need the community’s help to test the game out. You will play as a postknight – not a post-knight in the way that like post-rock is a music genre – a knight who makes dangerous deliveries. You’ll travel the world, completing dangerous tasks, getting sweet loot and rewards along the way. Equipment will affect your character’s look, you can blend together special potions, and utilize a variety of skills.


Postknight is meant to be an RPG designed for the modern mobile experience. Gameplay is built in short bursts, with idle elements in play as well. Oh, and your ole postknight will be able to form relationships with sweethearts across the land. Postknight’s got damsels in different zip codes. If you want to give this a shot, check out the forum thread where you can sign up for the iOS Testflight or for the Android beta right now.