‘Clash Royale’ Nerfing Mega Minion and Tombstone and Buffing Others

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Supercell continues to tinker with Clash Royale‘s (Free) cards, and the next balance update will see one of the most popular minions, the Mega Minion, nerfed. Specifically, the Mega Minion will see its damage decreased by 6% and hit speed decreased to 1.4sec from 1.3sec. The reason for the nerf is that the Mega Minion offers a lot of value in defense and fits in pretty much every deck. Developers don’t like auto-includes, so they are reducing its damage output. Tombstone is also getting nerfed with spawn speed decreased to 2.9sec from 2.5. The reasoning behind the nerf is similar to that of the Mega Minion; the building is used too much at the top. The Lava Hound will also see a slight nerf with its hitpoints reduced by 1%.

The Elixir Collector is getting a buff in production speed from 9.8 to 8.5sec but its Lifetime is decreased to 70sec from 80sec, and Poison now does 10% more damage. These changes will go live on Nov. 30th, so get ready to maybe see less of the Mega Minion.

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