‘Hearthstone’ to Reveal More ‘Mean Streets’ Cards on Nov. 28th Livestream

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Have you been following the reveals for Hearthstone‘s (Free) upcoming expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan? We’ve been getting some very interesting cards (and some not so interesting ones), and by now we’ve almost seen all 132 cards of the expansion. There are still a few missing, though, and we’re probably about to have all of them revealed on November 28th. On that day at 10 AM PDT, Senior Designer Matt Place and caster Frodan, as well as some other members of the design team, will show on stream how each of the three families plays. This family versus family affair will, of course, be a way for the Hearthstone team to reveal more Mean Streets cards, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we get to see all of them on that day.

If you haven’t been following the reveals, Mean Streets seems to be giving Priests quite a big boost so far, which I’m sure many players have been longing for for quite some time. There are also some fun new mechanics like cards that buff cards in your hand and cards that summon Jade Golems. Every infusion of new cards in the game makes for fun times, so I can’t wait to get my hands on Mean Streets cards. The expansion should be coming around mid-December, so not too long to wait now. The stream will be on Hearthstone‘s official Twitch Channel, so go follow it if you want to get notified for the stream.

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