Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Waffle House – The TouchArcade Show #283

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With the holiday this week, we recorded this episode earlier than usual so we spend a lot of time jumping from crazy topic to crazy topic, like what specifically makes Waffle House hashbrowns so good and the math of how many ad views an ad-based game might need to get before it’s making anywhere near what it might have made as a paid game with low sales. Along side some brief movie chat, we hit on a random assortment of games including Gun Strider (Free), Please, Don’t Touch Anything ($4.99), Solitaire: Decked Out (Free), Microsoft Solitaire Collection (Free), and *Solitaire* (Free). Turns out when you don’t have much to talk about you can just get Jared on the topic of Solitaire games.

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