Point and Click Adventure ‘Kathy Rain’ Hits the App Store

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While this week’s new releases seem few and far between, Kathy Rain ($2.99) has taken the App Store by storm (HEH!). It launched on the PC a while ago, and currently rocks a 77 on Metacritic. Kathy Rain is one of the many new point and click adventure games that have been released in recent years which take the same formula many of us grew up on but turned everything from storytelling to in-game mechanics up to 11.

It’s got great voiceovers, a massive variety of in-game puzzles, and a modern pixel art style that looks great in motion. This game is on the top of my list of stuff to play over the holiday weekend, and if you’re even remotely interested in point and click adventure titles, it should be on yours too.

Kathy Rain is also available on Steam, if for some reason you want to pay a $10 premium to play the game on your Mac or PC. I mean, sure, why not. Stay tuned for a review once we finish powering through the game.

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