‘Little Briar Rose’ Is a Point-And-Click Adventure With Stunning Stained Glass Graphics, Out Now

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While the move towards further realism and detail in graphical design has given us some truly stunning games on iOS such as Infinity Blade 3 ($6.99) and Eisenhorn: Xenos ($5.99), sometimes imagination, creativity and innovation can trump pure power. Little Briar Rose ($2.99) is one such game – developers Elf Games Work have taken the extremely interesting approach of coating every element of the title with a stained glass window aesthetic design. This unique and audacious art direction, coupled with an expansive and immersive fairy-tale world to explore, culminates in a truly jaw-droppingly beautiful adventure game that stands out from similar point and click titles on the iPhone, and is available now on the App Store for $2.99.

Being based off the eponymous folktale by Brothers Grimm – which later served as the source material for the Sleeping Beauty story – Little Briar Rose has an emphasis on whimsical, ethereal charm in both the visual design and gameplay, and wears its heavy Disney influence on its sleeve. You star as one of a seemingly indefinite set of fearless princes, who are committed to save the princess and her cursed kingdom from evil forces. However, when the protagonist fails in their quest (in other words, when you fail on one of the many minigame puzzles), the next prince in the dynasty will continue the adventure, in a similar fashion to that of Infinity Blade ($5.99) or Reigns ($2.99). While Little Briar Rose will surely go down a treat with any fans of point and click adventures, even those disillusioned with the genre should give the game a look, if just for the stunning visual design. For more discussion on Little Briar Heart, and for any help on how to save the princess, be sure to head down to our forum thread.

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