The ‘Hearthstone’ Heroic Brawl Is Finally Here, Can You Spare 1000 Gold?

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When I interviewed Mike Donais at BlizzCon, I asked him when the Hearthstone (Free) Heroic Brawl would finally make its appearance, and his response was that maybe it would be close to when Mean Streets of Gadgetzan came out, since those goons would love to get their hands on your gold. Well, we came close to that date, but not too close, since the first Heroic Brawl ever has just gone live. The Heroic Brawl is a Tavern Brawl in name only; it doesn’t have any crazy rules or anything like that. What it brings is a high-stakes Arena with constructed decks. You pay the entry fee, make your deck, and then go to war with other players. If you lose 3 times, you’re out; if you win 12 games in a row, you get so wealthy they put in you commercials (not really). If you just go 0 and 3, you get one measly pack.

HearthstoneOne pack doesn’t sound that bad, but did I mention that the entry fee is either 1000 gold or $9.99? As senior producer Yong Woo told me during out interview, they wanted that high of a price to signal to players that the competition will be very fierce and might not be for everyone. If you manage to do well in this Brawl, you get some fantastic rewards including numerous packs, dust, gold, and even golden Legendaries. You can see the prize distribution below to figure out whether you think you have what it takes to get a good return on your 1000 gold. Blizzard expects that pro streamers will be all over this Brawl, and there are definitely quite a few pros streaming Heroic Brawl on Twitch right now. So, are you bold enough to try it out, or is this one not for you?


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