Steve Carell to Join ‘Minecraft’ Movie

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We are slowly getting more information on Minecraft: The Movie, although we still have no idea what the story will be about and what Warner Bros will make of the Minecraft universe. A few months back, we learned that the movie had found its director (Rob McElhenney of It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia) and its writer (Jason Fuchs), and today we heard that Warner Bros is in talks with Steve Carell of The Office fame for one of the leading roles. He will be the first big name to join the cast of the huge upcoming film, although we don’t actually have an official announcement yet. Even though Minecraft is a name big enough to draw huge crowds to the theaters, Warner Bros will definitely want to put some big names underneath the movie title just to be sure.


I continue to be curious regarding what kind of movie we’ll get. Minecraft offers all kinds of narrative opportunities, and as we’ve seen from Telltale, you can easily weave interesting stories that do all kinds of cool stuff. I wonder if we’ll get a prequel of sorts where we find out why Steve is in that place to begin with or whether they’ll consider that viewers will know how the Minecraft world works and go from there. I think it will be the former, but we’ll see.

[via Variety]

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