‘Jade Empire: Special Edition’ Now on Android

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Good news for BioWare fans that prefer the green robot: Jade Empire: Special Edition ($9.99) has just been released on Android by Aspyr Games. That’s right, no last-minute release issues, just BioWare’s 2005 RPG available on mobile in enhanced form over on the dark side of mobile gaming. It’s the full game, complete with additional special edition content, touch controls, achievements, and even controller support if that’s your bag. Android makes it a lot easier to play games on the TV from your device, so this would be perfect for just that.

If you need to know more about Jade Empire: Special Edition for mobile, Shaun’s review of the game is required reading. He invested a lot of time and effort into giving this beloved RPG a detailed look, so do give it a read if you have any passing interesting in this title at all. Jade Empire: Special Edition is available on both Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

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