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On November 24th, Laser Dog Asks You to Give Thanks and ‘Don’t Grind’

Laser Dog Games has announced their newest game, set to hit mobile on November 24th, American Thanksgiving. Don’t Grind is a score-chasing game of survival, where you’ll try to keep your banana friend alive by constantly bouncing said banana in midair, collecting stars while dodging countless buzzsaws, lasers, and whatever crosses your path. And of course, there will be a number of characters to unlock, from other fruit to a random assortment of items, all sharing one thing: the horrified look on their face as they try to stay alive and not grind the buzzsaws.

Much like PKTBALL (Free), though, Don’t Grind feels a bit different from other score-chasers. Here, you have a more fluid game since you can tap anywhere and swipe in various directions to control where your protagonist bounces toward. You have to think, react, and perform to do well. The artwork is great, with great animation work in play that makes this game not feel like a quickly-put-together thing. You’ll be able to check this one out as a free download (with $1.99 ad removal IAP) on Thanksgiving, November 24th.