New Broadcasting Options, Hero Debut in Latest ‘Vainglory’ Update

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It’s that time again, the folks over at Super Evil Megacorp have released another significant update to their mobile MOBA, Vainglory (Free). While the new character (which offers a pretty interesting twist on debilitating gameplay) and multitudes of new skins are always nice, it’s the additions to its iOS broadcasting support that have me interested.

First things first, Version 1.24 sees the debut of Flicker, a stealthy character with some pretty neat abilities capable of seriously disrupting the opposition. Flicker’s first ability causes damage with eventual rooting, his second ability is a self-aura attack that causes an initial slow with some damage that eventually causes even more damage if enemies are still within the vicinity and his ultimate is a team buff that has everyone gain stealth and a speed bonus for a limited time. Especially with his ultimate, Flicker is a potentially awesome hybrid of play styles that combine offense, defense and support.

In addition to the new character, Version 1.24 brings some significant additions regarding streaming and replays. First off, players can now record and stream direct from your iOS device using whatever streaming service you want that uses ReplayKit. Second, you can now save and rewatch your matches with both slow motion and free camera. Considering the streaming popularity of Vainglory on the likes of services like Mobcrush, it’s a welcome sight to see this finally added.

The rest of the update encompasses the usual skin additions and balance changes to each of the characters. While they are a bit too numerous to be listed here, feel free to check them out in the release notes here, along with the rest of the changes.

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